Nurse Jesse and Karla

Nurse Jesse and Karla became acquainted working together for the business to business division of a local healthcare system. Karla gave Jesse a copy of the It Makes Me Happy book, published by the Goddesses. According to Jesse, “When Karla gave me that little book, IT ROCKED MY WORLD. It showed me that little things I can do in my everyday life can bring moments of happiness. Happiness wasn’t a destination that I could arrive at if I just checked all these boxes. It was something I could create through these little moments. I wanted to share the It Makes Me Happy message with the world!”

Nurse Jesse

Nurse JesseNURSE JESSE, Lead Facilitator, a.k.a. Jesse Stukenberg of Nurse Jesse, LLC promotes, trains, fosters and develops new dimensions of life in others. Her passion and authenticity inspires individuals on their unique journeys. Her mission is to help people realize their inherent worth and awaken their truest self so they can joyfully achieve.  Now, her ‘job’ is her personal mission or ministry, rather than a project or function or series of actions to be carried out. She enjoys reading, writing, running, dance, paddle boarding, yoga, skate skiing, boating, hiking, traveling and climbing mountains. She is a firm believer that “all learn and all teach” empowering others to share their gifts for the good of all.


Karla BrooksKARLA BROOKS, Founding Creator, is guided by her need to EXPLORE, CREATE, CONNECT and INSPIRE. Her mission is to help others discover their authentic selves and build community to solve the growing loneliness epidemic. She believes in the power of utilizing co-design principles to guide innovation and engagement initiatives. Karla is a creative spirit and lifelong learner who began her career in graphic design, expanded into marketing, co-founded an art licensing business, transitioned into health and wellbeing and is an author, speaker and transformative content creator who travels the world and is part of the sharing economy.