About Us

Nearly 15 years ago, before words like mindfulness, gratitude and resiliency were part of the wellness lexicon, a group of friends, while having bagels and coffee at 10 am every Saturday morning started saying, “It makes me happy.” They began focusing on the positives in their lives and soon realized they were indeed happier. They developed a simple process to help individuals recognize ways to infuse everyday events with meaning, resulting in increased levels of happiness.

They self-published a book after literary agents liked the idea, but wanted a celebrity endorsement to move forward with the project. Determined in their belief that happiness is for everyone, regardless of celebrity status, they shared copies of the book with family and friends as they went about with their everyday lives. Seeds were planted and lives were impacted.

It makes me happy bookFast forward to today, where anxiety and depression are commonplace and face-to-face social connections have been replaced by social media. IT MAKES ME HAPPY is a gift back to people who want to find joy in everyday living and special moments each day to smile and say, “It makes me happy!”